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LSCN LifeSciences Consulting Network

  • LSCN is a multidisciplinary consulting enterprise, consisting of more than 30 senior experts and consultancies with strong expertise in the diagnostics, medtech, biotech, and pharma industries
  • LSCN Partners and Associates have hands-on management capabilities and distinguished track records
  • LSCN provides strategy and interim-management solutions through all aspects in product and corporate development
  • Supported by a firm legal structure, LSCN provides strategic consultancy and operational support to executives and investors
  • Headquartered in Germany, LSCN can open doors and establish business necessary for success in key markets worldwide
  • Successful track record. More than 100 projects since 2004.



Evolve Partners - Biofin Consulting GmbH

"We manage your finances, you focus on the core business"


Due to the high capital demand in biotech, entrepreneurs are facing complex and challenging finance requirements. You can ensure an agile finance foundation with Managed Finance Services of Evolve. With our solution, you access a modern as well as best-practice proven finance ecosystem, mitigate financial risks and empower your organization.



Homer Statue vor der Staatsbibliothek, Ludwigsstraße
Homer Statue vor der Staatsbibliothek, Ludwigsstraße

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